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At DronesAlgo, we understand the importance of cost-efficient solutions for companies. We also understand what precision means. That is why we offer a wide range of drone services, including aerial photography, inspections, data collection, and mapping.
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We can provide a bird’s eye view of construction projects, agricultural operations, allowing for more accurate information to be gathered. Drones can quickly and accurately survey anything from small properties to large areas. We can also provide the imagery or work with your surveyor, engineer, or architect to reduce costs and speed up the process. Our data can be used to create detailed maps and inspect areas through orthomosaic photos and point clouds, 3D models, or thermal imagery.
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We also offer consulting services to help launch and maintain an internal drone program. This includes assistance with hardware, software, operational processes, policies, procedures, and training.

Our state-of-the-art commercial drone imagery provides the most accurate absolute world coordinate positioning and relative measurements required for legal and engineering purposes.

Our specialized drone team uses world-class mapping services to produce topographic surveys, maps, and drawings, ensuring the accuracy and precision of the data collected. While our drone operators are highly skilled, it’s important to note that our services do not replace the need for professional land surveyors to certify the accuracy of the final work products.

That’s why we work with experienced surveyors, including your own, when necessary to create topographic mapping products that meet regulatory and other legal requirements in the land surveying and engineering professions. The combination of our advanced drone imagery and the expertise of professional land surveyors ensures that the final product is both accurate and reliable.

Unleash the power of drone services for a wide range of tasks

Our drone mapping services give you access to a wide range of materials that provide valuable insight and data for your projects.

Our services include digital terrain models, topographic surveys and topographic mapping, which provide a comprehensive view of the area being surveyed. We also offer aerial imagery and orthomosaic imagery, which provide a detailed view of the land from above.

Our visual inspection services provide a closer look at specific areas, and our drone imagery allows you to see everything in stunning detail. All of these materials are created using the latest drone technology and are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Whether you’re working on construction projects, environmental assessments, or any other type of project, our drone mapping services can help you achieve your goals with accuracy and efficiency.

Here are just a few of the types of data you can obtain with our professional drone services:

Volume calculations

Drone Volume measurment of sand beforeDrone service company. Drone Volume measurment of sand after

Orthomosaic / Digital elevation model

Drone service company. Drone orthomosaicDrone service company. Drone DEM

Textured 3D model / Wireframe

Drone services textured 3d modelDrone services 3d model wireframe

Benefits of drone data collection for professionals


Improved safety

Drones offer a safer alternative to traditional data collection methods. With the ability to fly at heights and reach areas that can be dangerous for field crews, drones can reduce the risk of injury and accidents. In addition, using unmanned aircraft eliminates workers’ need to access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, further improving safety.

Reduced costs

Drones can significantly reduce the cost of data collection compared to traditional methods. Drone surveying eliminates the need for expensive equipment and a large field crew, which can be a significant expense. In addition, drones can cover large areas quickly, reducing the time it takes to collect data and increasing operational efficiency.


Speed is another important benefit of using drones for data collection. The use of cutting-edge drone technology and aerial surveying allows the survey team to complete projects in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Drone technology and aerial surveying provide a faster and more efficient way to collect large amounts of data.

With automated flight control, drones can cover large areas quickly, making the data collection process much more efficient for the survey team. The speed of drone data collection, combined with its accuracy and precision, makes it a valuable tool for professionals looking to complete projects in a timely manner.

Improve data quality

Using drones to collect data provides more accurate survey results compared to traditional methods. Drone surveying provides precise, accurate measurements and high-quality imagery that can be used to create 3D models. These models are more accurate and provide a digital representation of the surveyed area, allowing for a more accurate model of the data.

Drones can also capture data from a variety of angles and methods, providing a more complete and accurate representation of the surveyed area. With the ability to capture high-resolution images and 3D models, drone data collection can provide a more complete and accurate understanding of the area being surveyed.

The use of drones for data collection is quickly becoming an industry standard, with a growing number of professionals in a variety of industries relying on technology. An experienced team with the necessary knowledge and expertise can ensure the accuracy of the data and deliver the best results.

In summary, the benefits of drone data collection are numerous and include improved safety, reduced costs, and enhanced data quality. With advances in technology, drone data collection is a valuable tool for professionals looking to increase operational efficiency and provide accurate survey results.

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