DronesAlgo is a drone service company that provides aerial imagery to improve decision-making. Our mission is to make aerial services accessible and affordable while addressing challenges efficiently and safely. Utilizing advanced technology and diverse industry experience, we offer a wide range of drone services including detailed datasets, 3D models, aerial inspections, and more. Our team of experts is equipped to handle projects of any size, providing customized drone solutions to meet your unique goals and needs.

Interested in drone solutions or drone services?

At DronesAlgo, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive drone solutions and services available in the drone industry. We understand that when you’re looking for drone support, you want someone who can provide you with the right solutions for your needs. That’s why we take a strong yet caring approach to every case, sharing our expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions.

When it comes to drone survey services, we aim to minimize risks to your staff by reducing time on the ground and providing data from a safe distance. Using the latest drone technology, we’re able to capture high-resolution images and data sets to help you make informed decisions and minimize potential hazards. Whether you need to inspect hard-to-reach areas, survey property, or collect data for a construction project, we’re here to help you achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

Precision agriculture drone services

Our company provides precision agriculture drone services that help farmers increase yields, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. We use drones to collect data on crops and fields, as well as for tasks such as crop spraying.

  • Multispectral Soil Imagery. Crop health maps
  • NDVI index evaluation based on 5 years of archived data
  • Detecting and preventing crop problems
  • Making prescription maps for agricultural equipment for seeding, fertilization, irrigation
  • Consistent monitoring crop growth progress
  • Recording changes depending on fertilizer application
  • Automated crop counting with drones and AI
  • Crop insurance claims with drone-based data collection and analysis
  • Precision aerial spraying and seeding with agricultural drones

Renewable Energy drone services

DronesAlgo provides cutting-edge renewable energy drone services that add value to our customers. We help improve accuracy and efficiency, increase safety, and ultimately improve our customers renewable energy systems performance and maintenance.

  • Rooftop solar panels power plant development planning
  • Solar power plant site shading assessment
  • Thermal imaging drone maintenance inspection of solar farms
  • Drone Wind Turbine and Blade Inspection

Construction. Mining and Quarries

We offer comprehensive drone services for the construction and mining industries, providing solutions to a wide range of needs and challenges.

  • Drone Topographic Survey
  • Site orthomosaic and 3D model
  • High-resolution visual monitoring and construction progress tracking
  • Earthworks & stockpile analysis, volume measurement
  • Thermal and multi-spectral imaging
  • Safer and more efficient inspections. QA/QC
  • Creation of stunning marketing and advertising materials
  • Quarry visualization and volume calculation
  • Blast planning and evaluation

Power Generation, Utility, Oil & Gas

Our company offers drone services that provide reliable and efficient solutions for critical infrastructure inspection and monitoring.

  • Transmission/Power line inspection
  • Railway inspection and Monitoring
  • Cell tower Inspection
  • Pipe and cooling tower inspection
  • Oil tank inspection and monitoring
  • Bridge, bridging structures, pillar inspection
  • Slope monitoring

Property Inspection & Facility Management

Our company provides cutting-edge drone services for property inspection and facility management, offering innovative solutions to a wide range of needs and challenges:

  • Thermal and visual drone roof inspection
  • Drone facade inspection
  • Drone Building Inspection
  • Digital twin and virtual reality
  • Landfill topographic survey
  • Waste volume estimation for landfills and dumpsites
  • Golf course maintenance, planning, and marketing
  • 3D documentation of buildings and monuments of cultural and historical heritage

Public Safety drone services

DronesAlgo provides public safety drone services. We help public safety organizations improve response times, increase accuracy, and save lives.

  • Search & Rescue with high-resolution digital and thermal cameras
  • Aerial firefighting support with a thermal drone
  • Disaster response. Capture damage to infrastructure and property
  • Creation of 3D model (reconstruction) of complex traffic accidents

Drone services for Other Industries

DronesAlgo provides a full range of drone services to companies in a variety of industries. Our FAA(Federal Aviation Administration)-licensed expert drone operators, combined with our experienced project managers, provide aerial photography for advertising campaigns and commercial real estate video, thermal imagery, and LiDAR for construction planning – delivering exceptional results to help our clients achieve their goals.

Manufacturing Services

Optimize production and reduce costs with drone inspections of your manufacturing equipment. Our inspections provide clear imagery and video so you can identify necessary maintenance or repairs, prevent costly shutdowns, keep your team safe, and save valuable time and resources.

Retail Services

Our company provides retail drone services that help you attract customers and stand out from the competition. Our high-resolution drone videos and aerial imagery showcase the beauty of your building and the convenience of its location, providing an eye-catching representation of your business. You can promote your commercial property in a dynamic and engaging way that will leave a lasting impression on potential customers and help drive foot traffic to your business.


DronesAlgo provides stadium drone services that use advanced equipment like the LiDAR sensor to inspect and survey stadiums. Our drones can scan the stadium to provide a complete and accurate view of its current condition, generate a detailed 3D model, and even inspect hard-to-reach areas to identify potential safety issues. Our services allow for efficient and effective stadium maintenance and ensure that your stadium is safe for all visitors.


Our transportation drone services use the latest technology in LiDAR or photogrammetry to collect detailed data sets that can be used as the basis for city maps. These maps provide valuable information for effective route planning and decision-making, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly and efficiently. With our cutting-edge technology, we deliver accurate, reliable, high-resolution data that can be used to improve your transportation operations.

DronesAlgo provides aerial photography and videography services to the legal sector. Using high-resolution cameras, we can capture images and videos of hazardous road and construction site conditions as evidence to support legal cases. Our detailed and accurate aerial imagery will help you present a compelling argument to support your case.


With drones in archaeology, high-resolution imagery enables non-invasive site analysis, while LiDAR detects surface anomalies that could lead to tombs or sunken cities. Thermal data helps identify objects buried underground by detecting temperature differences from the surrounding ground. This innovative approach to data collection is revolutionizing archaeological research.

Environmental Services

Our drone services provide comprehensive environmental data collection using tools such as thermal imaging, LiDAR, and aerial photography to help you monitor and address issues such as land erosion, invasive species growth, or chemical spills. With the high-quality data we provide, you can make informed decisions and effectively plan your land preservation or restoration efforts.

Various formats of drone survey deliverables

Our team of drone survey experts is equipped to deliver data in any format you require, including CAD and non-CAD, 2D and 3D, to meet your specific needs and project requirements:

  • Point clouds
  • 3D CAD models
  • 3D Solid Models
  • 2D CAD topographic maps
  • 3D PDFs
  • FLIR radiometric (thermal) images, videos, and maps
  • True color and thermal images
  • True color georeferenced orthomosiac images
  • Flythroughs and videos in many formats

Drone Service Pricing and Costs

From real estate photography and videography to inspections and surveying, drones are versatile tools that can help you save time and money while delivering high-quality results. However, the cost and pricing of drone services can be confusing, with many variables affecting the final cost.

Types of Aerial Drone Services

There are many different types of drone services, each with its own specific cost and pricing structure. Some of the more common drone services include:

  • Professional aerial photography and videography
  • Surveying and industrial inspection
  • Mapping and Modeling
  • Agricultural and environmental monitoring
  • Delivery and transportation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Film and television production

Each of these services has its own unique requirements and costs, so it is important to understand the specific needs of your project.

Factors that affect the cost of drone services

The cost of drone services is influenced by many factors, including:


The type of drone, camera, and other equipment used for the project will affect the cost of the service. More advanced and specialized equipment will typically be more expensive, but will also provide better results.

Experience and Expertise

The experience and expertise of the drone operator will also affect the cost of the service. More experienced and skilled operators will typically charge more and provide higher-quality results.

Time and Complexity

The time required to complete the project and the complexity of the task will also affect the cost of the service. More complex projects that require more time and effort will typically be more expensive.

Project Location

The location of the project will also affect the cost of the service. Projects in remote or hard-to-reach locations may require additional equipment or travel expenses, which will increase the cost of the service.

Permits and Regulations for a drone company

The cost of obtaining the necessary permits and complying with local regulations will also affect the cost of the service. In some cases, permits and regulations may be more stringent or expensive in certain locations, which will increase the cost of the service.

The average cost of drone services

The average cost of drone services can vary greatly depending on the specific needs of the project and the factors outlined above. However, as a rough estimate, the average cost of drone services can range from $150 to $2,000 or more per hour.

We have a sample spreadsheet so customers can have a rough idea of the cost of drone services:

Utility Inspection (per acre)$150.00RGB and Thermal inspection, photography, and video data stored for analysis
Orthomosaic/Point Cloud (per acre)$95.00Digital point clouds are produced by photography (photogrammetry) with ground control points
Multispectral Soil Imagery (per acre)$80.00Multispectral orthomosaic, prescription maps
Solar Inspection (per acre)$70.00Thermal and RGB inspections of solar fields
Wind Farm Inspection (per unit)$350.00RGB and Thermal inspection, photography, and video data stored for analysis
Drone mapping (per mile @ 3.0cm/pixel resolution)$1,100.00Highly accurate digital point clouds, 4-8cm accuracy possible with ground control points
Construction Monitoring (per month)$500.00Construction site monitoring, aerial surveys with pictures and video for progress updates
Real Estate Photography$150.00Drone photography photoshopped and optimized
Real Estate Drone Video$200.00Drone video does not include editing
Golf Course Video (per hole)$200.00Professionally produced video
Table with an approximate cost for drone services

In summary, the cost of drone services can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of service, the level of experience and expertise of the provider, and the equipment used. When considering the cost of drone services, it is important to take these factors into account and understand the average cost range. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing a drone service provider.

However, it’s not just the cost that should be considered, but also the provider’s experience, expertise, communication skills, customer service, and equipment. These factors, along with price, play an essential role in ensuring that you receive high-quality drone services that meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.